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PURIS Non-GMO Soybean Seed 8C165


PURIS 8C165 - 1.65 Relative Maturity. A non-GMO Soybean seed is naturally bred in climates across the country and adaptable to lesser quality soils.

  • Grown in the USA
  • Organic 101 puris certification icons organic
  • Non-GMO 101 puris certification icons non gmo
  • Food-Grade 101 puris certification icons food grade

Variety Characteristics

Relative Maturity: 1.65, Emergence: 1.4, Plant Height: Tall, Plant Type: Bush

Disease Resistance

Brown Stem Rot: 1.7, White Mold: 1.4, Sudden Death Syndrome: 1.5, Phytophthora: 1.7

PURIS Advantage

Farmers can grow PURIS non-GMO soybeans on a personalized total production contract, take advantage of pre-pricing opportunities, lock into food-grade premiums, and reach plant-based food markets

Crop Coverage

PURIS offers assistance to Growers when enrolling in Federal Soybean Crop Coverage. Ask your PURIS rep for more information.

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Our non-GMO seeds are naturally bred for use in our food and ingredients.

Grown in the USA

PURIS Soybeans are grown and conditioned in the USA.

Food Grade

PURIS crops are marketed into our vertically integrated supply chain for consumers around the world.

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Learn about what's possible with PURIS® seeds and our end-to-end grower program.

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PURIS supplies food brand with nutritious and delicious ingredients grown and made at our farms in the USA.

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Seed to Solution

A safe and secure food supply is born and bred in the USA. Our end-to-end process ensures a wholesome path from farmers' fields to the public's plate.

Future of Farming

PURIS offers a connection to an alliance of forward-thinking growers, shared industry updates and findings, and tools for a value-added production.

Traceable Supply Chain

PURIS™ Proteins have nothing to hide. We're the purest, cleanest protein on the market, supporting American family farms the entire journey.

Healthy Businesses

PURIS has a proven model to help growers make the leap, paving the path to healthy people, healthy farms and a healthy planet.

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