PURIS yield coverage

PURIS® Yield Coverage is the first private yield coverage for yellow field peas. Designed to support any farm anywhere in the country. Armed with multiple coverage options, PURIS has a plan that is right for you.

Wherever PURIS growers are farming. PURIS® Yield Coverage will follow.

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No matter what challenges you might face on your farm, you can trust your peas are protected. PURIS® Yield Coverage was created by looking back at the history of yellow field pea performance in growing areas all around the country. Now, as the first private pea yield coverage option, yellow field pea growers anywhere in the country have security and assurance.

Grow, Enroll, and Earn with PURIS Crop Coverage

Puris makes Coverage easy.

Federal Crop Insurance PURIS Yield Coverage
Experience 4+ years of production history or written agreement required No experience required
Availability Only available in select states and counties Available anywhere in the country
Yield Guarantee Often restrictive with low transitional yields and written agreements required Use your production history to establish your guarantee
Claims Lengthy, and require physical adjusters Automated settlement on delivered grain and precision harvest data, no in-person adjusters

three different coverage options to meet your needs.

Elite Premier Basic
Required Experience 3 Years 2 Years None
Minimum Acres* 100 100 100
Yield Guarantee Max 75% Max 65% Max 55%
Available Types Organic & Conventional Organic & Conventional Organic & Conventional
Maximum Price Coverage* Up to 150% of Contract Price Up to 125% of Contract Price Up to 100% of Contract Price
*Maximum Price and Minimum Acres May Vary

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